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powertech prop for sale

  1. 4 Blade PT PFS4 Stainless Sale or Trade

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Bought new in 2016 for ETEC 60. Boat sold with 3 blade and now have no use for remaining prop. Prop has only 2 small blemishes I could locate which I included in images attached. I would consider prop to be in excellent overall condition. Prop was used during winter tide fishing for increased...
  2. Gently Used PowerTech SCD3R16 Prop For Sale

    Prop Shop
    I replaced this prop on my 2013 Professional/Yamaha F70 so I have it to sell. It is a 3 blade, stainless prop. 13" in diameter. 16" pitch. Right hand rotation. High polish finish. PowerTech calls it a "stern lifting, semi-cleaver" prop. They run about $325 new. This one is ready to go...