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peacock bass

  1. Peacock Bass 2

    Peacock Bass 2

  2. Peacock Bass

    Peacock Bass

    Caught this 3.12 lb on a
  3. Peacock bass help

    Florida East Coast
    just moved to south Miami and would really like to get on some peacocks. Not looking for anyone's honey holes just a general starting point. Would really like to get some on a spinner first. Also if anyone could recommend flies for them I'm new to fly fishing so any advice would be greatly...
  4. Peacock bASS'n In Naples, Fl

    General Fishing
    Bought some new MirrOlure's Suspending Twitchbaits for Peacock bASS'n this weekend. The first one I tried is the C-Eye Pro Series C17MR-PSB Suspending Twitchbait ( Caught three on...
  5. Community Lake Peacock Bass Fishing

    General Fishing