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pathfinder 15t

  1. Kennedy Cooler Tie Downs

    Bragging Spot
    Just picked up a cooler mount kit from Kennedy Tie Downs for my Kysek 50L. The mount is super low profile, when I say super low profile... I mean it... nothing to trip over like other versions or chocks... The kit mounts with screws or through bolts (with access) to the deck. The webbing is...
  2. warning light/rev limiter on 30hp Yamaha 2-stroke tiller

    Outboard Maintenance
    Hello all, and Merry Christmas. I've got a 1999 30hp Yamaha 2-stroke on my Pathfinder 15t, it runs like a top but recently the low oil/overheat warning light has been coming on and the RPM/rev limiter has been engaging at higher rpm's. It's burning oil and water's streaming out of the pee hole...