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  1. Florida Gulf Coast
    Hi everyone, For the panhandle region, what type of skiffs are y’all running? I was planning on getting a raft for trout/bass fishing, however, I ended up at Panama City lol. Any recommendations or general advice for the area would be awesome!
  2. Fly Fishing
    16 and this is my first year on fly so kinda new to this but I've been going out every morning in search of some migratory tarpon. Ive seen a couple small schools but for most of the day its pretty empty I was hoping to find advice on where to anchor up and wait on them. Please help me out I'm...
  3. Microskiffs For Sale
    Looking for an older poling skiff preferably an old hells bay profession/whipray, and old beavertail, or any other poling skiffs that can handle the beachside tarpon and get shallow for the marsh redfish. Im 16 and am currently without a boat just bought a truck and know how to pull a trailer...
  4. General Discussion
    I'm moving to Panama City Beach next week, and will be bringing my Gheenoe Highsider (and a kayak) up there with me. Can anyone here recommend some local areas for me to fish? I've lived in Central Florida almost all of my life, and mostly fish inshore for trout, reds, snook (and hardhead...
  5. Florida Gulf Coast
1-5 of 5 Results