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  1. Boat Yard Basics
    I have a 14’ Falcon Gheenoe that I do a ton of flounder gigging out of. I’m about to repaint the hull with 2-part Epoxy paint, but was curious if there was anything to help with wear and tear on the keel? The boat flattens out quick so keel guard won’t work. Been looking into gator glide, but...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello friends, it’s been a while and my 15 4 gheenoe sunk and I was able to recover it and the motor was saveable. I finally just got it off the water and plan on completely redoing the paint for both the inside and the outside. There are multiple layers of paint from the previous owners on both...
  3. Boat Yard Basics
    Will I have to buy a whole gallon of paint to cover a 15 foot gheenoe?
  4. Boat Yard Basics
    Hi everyone, my gunnels have heavy oxidation and some cracking. Any ideas how to correct this? Products and process for a noob? See pictures.
  5. Boat Yard Basics
    Hey gents, being that I came from mostly kayak fishing and am now in a solo skiff (which I am loving btw) I do a lot of DIY to the boat to make it what I want. I have made a sort of make shift grab bar for the solo skiff out of 1" EMT and it works perfectly but now I want to make it look the...
  6. Boat Yard Basics
    Howdy, Could use some guidance as I have close to zero experience with DIY projects past building a shelf! I have a 1448 Aluminum Jon boat that I am converting into a flats skiff. I'd like to paint the inside white and the outside a seafoam green color. Other than sanding the existing paint...
  7. Boat Yard Basics
    Progress has been slow on my 14ft stumpknocker skiff rebuild. School, work and lack of funds has me working at crawl. But, as of now I have my stringer glassed, and bottom side of my marine plywood decking glassed with 7.5 oz biax and epoxy. Plan on “gluing” it to the stringers within the next...
  8. Boat Yard Basics
    I have a 18ft Jon boat that I’m trying to turn into a flats skiff. Right now it’s green/black camo color. The problem is that it gets really hot while in the sun, and it just doesn’t look good. So I’m trying to paint it. I’m new to this and wanted to get some guidance on how to paint it. How...
  9. Boat Yard Basics
    I am repainting my Carolina Skiff and a buddy told me he gets a strong discount with Sherwin Williams. Like 40% off most products. Are there any good coatings I could use on the hull above the water line and the topside? I called the commercial store and they only sell kits in gallons. I have...
  10. Boat Yard Basics
    Hello all, my first post here. I’ve been lurking around the site for a few years and figured I’d document a project I picked up a couple weeks ago. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes and help me out if I run into problems. Excuse me if I’m a little long winded, I like details. I got fed...
  11. Boat Yard Basics
    What recommendations do you have for bottom paint? Fiberglass hull. PO has painted the Skiff before and the bottom paint he applied is pealing. As you can see, the MFG color was blue. I would like to paint it and if there is a sealer in the paint that would help as well. Thanks,
  12. Boat Yard Basics
    Does anyone know the best paint stripper to remove a coat of Awlgrip that didn't kick/harden properly? I bought some of the Dad's Easy Spray stripper, it works awesome, only problem is I tested it on a small spot and it popped the gelcoat off. No big deal because the spot I tested was small...
1-12 of 12 Results