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outboard engine

  1. Too good to be true?

    General Discussion
    I have been looking for a Yamaha 15 HP 2 stroke short shaft motor and came across this site. They have said motor for $1425! With $20 flat rate shipping. I emailed the store and received a response. The say they only take wire transfer for...
  2. Outboard trade advice

    General Discussion
    I have 9.9 4 stroke on my 15’4 and was thinking about trading it for 25 2stroke just want to hear what others have to say?
  3. Trailering your outboard engine

    General Discussion
    On the heels of another discussion on jack plates, I have done some research on trailering your outboard engine and found interesting facts I was not aware of: (1) On the newer evinrude engines (in this case, mine), do not use the springed-tilt saver to trailer your engine. it is mean for...