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  1. General Discussion
    I recently went on a trip to Wilmington North Carolina and booked a trip with Captain Jeff of Wilmington Fishing Expeditions( Home - Wilmington Fishing Expeditions ). The trip was an absolute blast. We saw massive schools of redfish getting shallow making for some excellent Fly Fishing. If...
  2. Fishing Reports
    I caught a 24" sea trout on the NC Outerbanks during august which is an uncommon time to catch a trout much less to catch a trophy-sized one.
  3. General Discussion
    My first ever Boat/canoe and motor. So I bought this Gheenoe in Dec, $800 w/Trailer, and was running it on Paddle & trolling motor power till Duck season was over in Jan. It was a lot of work, solo paddling 1 mile upstream after trolling motor battery died out. Many months of research and...
  4. Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
    Looking for places to fish near the Jacksonville North Carolina area have fished the new river a couple times and not had much luck. I’m only here for 5 more weeks, Looking to catch some reds and troutlet me know if you guys have any tips or spots to help me out
  5. Fly Fishing
    How many of y'all use fly patterns for reds in NC, I'm going to do a lot of wading this summer behind Wrightsville Beach Figure 8 Island, if any of you fly fish around there what are your favorite patterns? I have not done any serious saltwater fly fishing yet, but I'm wondering if I should get...
1-5 of 5 Results