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  1. New Mitzi 17 owner with questions.

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    Hi all. I recently purchased my micro skiff. It's a 2004 Mitzi 17ST with a Yamaha 70. This is my first small boat and so far I love it. It does not have electronics currently, and the previous owner did not sell include the push pole with boat. Before I order a pole, I wanted to get some...
  2. Headed to our new home in SW Florida soon!

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    We are moving to the Cape Coral/Ft Myers area. 1st... ANYONE needing a buddy to share gas, driving, food, FISHING and conversation? I'm in! We'll be there again 1st week in June. I am NOT sure if I am micro skiff material. I'm a big guy. 5'10" 300Lbs and I like long walks on the... NO... But you...
  3. Transplanted trout fisherman ready to learn the flats!

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    Hey guys, I'm a longtime fly fisherman moving to FL. I'll miss the remote trout streams but not for long if I can get into some great flats fishing soon. Currently researching my options and thinking small skiff fishing might be for me. I'll enjoy the ability to get into remote areas for...