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  1. Light Blue Native Ultimate Kayak Lost or Stolen

    General Discussion
    I live on the C-2 AKA Snapper Creek Canal near Red Road in the South Miami area. I was doing yard work this morning and noticed something funny at the tarp where I keep my Yaks and Canoe near the canal. I was missing my Canoe and on kayak. I can't say if it was stolen or some how came off the...
  2. Native Ultimate 12 Tegris for sale

    Microskiffs For Sale
    For Sale, Native Ultimate 12 Tegris 1300$ for boat and seat, 1900$ for boat, three spray skirts and full boat cover. The spray skirts and boat are lightly used. Garage kept and one owner. I will sell the spray skirts separately for 400$ and boat cover for 200$.