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  1. Mud Motor Battle_Beaver Dam vs Swamp Runner vs Mud Skipper

    General Discussion
    Which one will come out on top?! These long tail mud motors have worked great on my 1436 Alumacraft and I would think they would be awesome on a microskiff! Run shallow and fast and never look back. I would recommend them to anyone who would be interested in a cheap, reliable motor. Sounds odd...
  2. Who Knows Anything About Sponsons?

    Boat Yard Basics
    I am in the early stages of thinking through my next build. It will be a mudboat designed for a 20-23 HP longtail mudmotor. It will be a ~16'x44" flat bottom, round chined hull. I am very comfortable with how to get the basic hull design drawn up. The sticky part is that I'd like to add...