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  1. Decked 14/36

    Microskiffs For Sale
    2016 alumacraft 14/36. Boat and motor are titled and in my name, trailer is registered in my name. Comes with 2 batteries, fish finder and extra trans mount trolling motor. Brand new carb for this season, two blade prop conversion with 3 stainless prop sizes. I’m only selling to fund a new build...
  2. Advice needed: Looking for a fast 2-man portable vessel under 150 pounds and 5-10mph

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m new to the skiff world and I’m hoping someone can give me some ideas here. I’m looking for a way to zip 2 miles up river with a fishing buddy and then fish back downstream. I need something portable since there isn’t a boat ramp around so i think it needs to be under 150pounds...
  3. Salt Marsh 1444 flats/duck boat

    General Discussion
    So, I'm tossing around the idea of building a 1444 with the intention of running a mud motor in the winter for waterfowl hunting, and an outboard the rest of the year for protected water and flats fishing. Anybody have experience building a multi-purpose boat like this? Is transom height going...
  4. Mud Motor Battle_Beaver Dam vs Swamp Runner vs Mud Skipper

    General Discussion
    Which one will come out on top?! These long tail mud motors have worked great on my 1436 Alumacraft and I would think they would be awesome on a microskiff! Run shallow and fast and never look back. I would recommend them to anyone who would be interested in a cheap, reliable motor. Sounds odd...
  5. Hello from JTgatoring in Sarasota FL!

    Introduce Yourself
    Just now joining from Sarasota Florida! I currently have a jon boat but I'm interested in getting a microskiff for my saltwater adventures. I have a YouTube channel and a website where I do product reviews and share my outdoor experiences! Right now I've been putting some serious hours on a Thai...
  6. 1960 Glass Magic Nomad

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Well after much deliberation and hard work I am forced to sell my boat. As the title suggests it is a 1960 Glass Magic Nomad. Now this boat is somthin else. You have truly not lived life or can call yourself a true micro skiffer until you have driven one of these. This is where it all began. The...