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  1. Fly Fishing
    So, I don’t know any other way to put this. I kinda need new or more fly fishing buddies. I’m not a guide, so I’m not looking for money. I’m just a guy that builds boats for HB, looking for someone to find fish with me. I lost my parents a few years ago and I picked up fishing after the fact...
  2. General Discussion
    I am thinking about purchasing a gheenoe LT10. I mainly fish mosquito lagoon and will run the Saint Johns River and places similar. What are the pros and cons? Are boat wakes and chop that big of a concern? Also what are some must haves that you owners would recommend. Thanks in advance!
  3. General Fishing
    So hope I posted this in the right spot. I'm looking for info on any boat ramps on this road. I fish the north end of lagoon, usually put in at river breeze or edgewater. I've been looking on the map at some spots down around this road and haul over canal. I've fished the canal but just from...
  4. Bragging Spot
    went out with a buddy, and managed to hook a couple on the fly. If you like the vid please subscribe. It would mean a lot.
  5. Boat Yard Basics
    Im about to start ripping my Gheenoe down to nothing but the hull and no seats. I am completely new at boat restoration and this Gheenoe is just not set up the way I'd like it to be. I plan on building it as follows with a front casting deck with pvc pipes to store rod tips, one storage hatch...
  6. General Fishing
  7. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    SOLD East Cape skiffs custom built IPB 16 This boat has always been garage kept, non-ethanol gas only and the best oil used in the amazing Tohatsu 50 tiller. Always “dry launched” off the aluminum trailer. 2010 16’, 2013 Tohatsu 50 short shaft tiller 2 stroke - low hours like new , Electric...
  8. Fishing Reports
    Whats up MS This is my first post. Hope its in the right place. I fish out of Miami. I had been trying to get out to mosquito lagoon for quite some time. I finally made it (amazing) this February.What a cool place to fish. So I found fish in numerous spots or better yet these fish found me...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Good evening, It's my first time ever signing into a forum of any kind but, fishing is my passion and so now I'm here. I have a cayo 173 pretty well outfitted and you can find me out in mosquito lagoon 2 days a week. I have fished several tournaments from the Hobie and a few from the cayo. I...
  10. Fishing Reports
    Fished with my good friend Shannon on Friday, launching from Oak Hill at first light. Boy was it cold (48 degrees on the truck thermometer on the way up!). It did warm up during the day so we were peeling off clothes all day. We fished the lee sides of the ponds as there was a pretty good...
  11. General Fishing
    Hey guys, im fairly new to this site and see that you all seem to be very friendly and helpful to others and i was just trying to figure out what the hell im doing wrong when i fish this area!!! Im not used to getting skunked during a fishing trip :mad: just looking for any advice or general...
  12. Fishing Reports
    This trip to fish Mosquito Lagoon took place in mid-November 2017. The weather and fishing were great with temps in the 70's and plenty of hungry trout and reds. The video has in it some tips I have learned over the years to help me be more productive when fishing unfamiliar waters.
1-12 of 12 Results