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  1. Fly Fishing
    Playing around with the idea of building a Snake Bight 18 12 degree with either a 70 or 90 Yami. I've fished out of a few and a few of the guides I fish with often just took delivery of three almost identical mangroves with 60 tohatsus. So my question is; I know they're great boats, but I have...
  2. Fly Fishing
    Long story short, after 2+ years I am out-growing my mangrove 8wt and looking to upgrade to a faster stick. However, at some point I'd also like to have another 8wt as a backup or second rod I can rig up for a different species while I'm on the water. Option 1 is to keep the mangrove and get...
  3. Fly Fishing
    I'm on the hunt for a floating line that will make my Mangrove 8wt setup sing. Right now I have a SA Bonefish line on it, and it's ok I guess. Maybe my expectations are too high for the rod, but it just doesn't *feel* right with that line. It's not a bad little rod, I just think it needs the...
  4. General Discussion
    I've been lucky enough have a 2013 13' Gheenoe as my primary shallow-water boat for the past 6 years but it's time to upgrade. It's been a reliable guide around Punta Gorda's miles of mangrove-lined canals but I want to venture out further and on longer excursions. It only makes sense that I...
  5. General Discussion
    Looking at purchasing my first skiff in the near future and really like the look of both the mangrove bay ibis and the ankona shadowcast 16 but would like some feedback from some of the owners before I do! There's alot of info here on the shadowcast but barely anything on the ibis. Anyone have...
  6. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking to sell or trade my TFO Mangrove. Bought in August and used once. Rod is in perfect condition and comes with protector cloth. Only looking to sell because my personal preference is a rod with a faster action. $225 OBO. Will entertain trades. PM me for pics if you are interested.
1-6 of 6 Results