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  1. La

    General Discussion
    Evening everyone, Need some quick advice. Buddy and myself are making our first Lousiana trip next weekend. Fishing Saturday thru Tuesday. Making a 900 mile trek one way. I know extended weather forecast are unreliable but with big winter systems they do seem to be more accurate. Due to our...
  2. Cast & Blast
    A group of four of us are looking to do a cast and blast in Louisiana this year. Do y'all have any guide recommendations? I see plenty of recommendations for fishing guides, but would also love some good duck hunting. Thanks!
  3. General Discussion
    Finally got my skiff back after some maintenance work. Ready to install my new push pole holder and my caddy on the platform. Any tips on installing?
  4. General Discussion
    Looking to purchase a new push pole. Been looking into 18’ fiberglass Moonlighter and 18’ fiberglass Stiffy poles. I’m fishing down in Southeast Louisiana, and looking for a one piece only. I know it’s a hassle for shipping so if anyone knows any pole dealers that are within about 5-6hrs I’d...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum here. I've grown up in Houston fishing the coast out of a kayak. I just moved to New Orleans for grad school and want to get a cheap skiff (5K or less) for running around in the marshes and for duck hunting. What are some good options that would fit my price...
  6. Microskiffs For Sale
    I am regrettably parting ways with my 2004 Mitzi 17. I have not had the time to use it and need the space. It has a 2007 Yamaha 70. 1200 hours Brand new impeller and lower unit oil changed, brand new spark plugs and compression checked all by Yamaha mechanic. Trim solinoid changed (2/19)...
  7. Gulf Coast, Alabama to Texas
    I was curious what everyone's position on the matter was. We have talked about it before in a different thread, but a HB391 is being introduced by Rep Pearson that would essentially make all tidally affected waters open to the public. It is getting a ton of support but also a ton of...
1-7 of 7 Results