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  1. Gulf Coast, Alabama to Texas
    Hi everyone, Planning a trip for my brother's bachelor party. Trying to find good recommendations for inshore fishing guides that have enough boats to handle about a 12 man group. Port Sulfur or any surrounding area would be ideal since we plan to go to New Orleans that weekend as well. We...
  2. General Fishing
    HI everyone, I'm traveling next month (July) and I will be near New Orleans for a day or two around the 12th of July. I would love to go fishing on the flats for some red fish - any recommendations for a trusted guide? Is this a terrible time to go? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Gulf Coast, Alabama to Texas
    I'll be in Buras at the end of August and want to extend my stay in Louisiana and fish two more days with another guide. I would appreciate recommendations for guides in other areas that might be fun to target. Will have two anglers using primarily spinning gear and artificial baits. Prefer...
1-3 of 3 Results