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  1. SOLD 15' 2005 KRG Marine skiff

    Microskiffs For Sale
    3rd owner 2005 KRG Marine skiff. I just went through the boat last year with cosmetic work and new paint, as well as standard maintenance to the motor. This is a great skiff for shallow water fishing but heavy boat traffic and choppy water make it a long day. 7" garmin stryker dv. 12v MinnKota...
  2. SOLD/EXPIRED 2014 Carolina Skiff J16 w/50 hp 2-stroke Yamaha -- decked-out skiff ($7k OBO)

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I "built" this 2014 Carolina Skiff (purchased new) with a front and wide rear deck. Initially it was purchased to catch live bait on the beaches here in Southeast Florida (Boca Raton) to take to the Bahamas for tuna fishing. But the skiff evolved into a much more versatile vessel which I used...