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  1. Leaking Fuel Tank on Dolphin Renegade

    Boat Yard Basics
    Anyone have any advise for removing the fuel tank from a Dolphin Renegade Pro? Mine developed a leak today and I am looking to get it repair ASAP. It appears that it could slide aft and be removed through the foredeck bulkhead, but Im assuming that is wishful thinking. Any help is very much...
  2. Slow leak - 1998 Maverick Mirage 2

    Boat Yard Basics
    Curious if anyone has encountered any issues with taking on water slowly on an older Maverick Mirage hull? I've gone through and re-5200 all below waterline holes. There is a thru-hull to the livewell that I've worked at sealing well too, but still having water come out post ride or fishing...