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  1. Bragging Spot
    I've got an 18V90. It came with the casting deck mounted in the back. It has its usefullness but it makes accessing space under it a pain. So I took it out. Trying to figure out if I could modify it and put it back so that I could swing it open/closed kinda like a huge decklid. It is very...
  2. Boat Yard Basics
    New here. Is this the best area to watch for boat restorations and modifications? I've got an 18v-90 Kenner and wanting to do things like add a bilge pump and modify the back casting deck so things are more accessible back there. I've already made some useful mods. I'd like to share them...
  3. Blast From the Past
    Do we have many kenner owners on here? I've got an 18v-90 that I've had since 2001. She's been great to me.
1-3 of 3 Results