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  1. Looking for a small functional skiff

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Any cheaper little functional skiffs (Johnsen, Mitchell, etc) for sale in or near central Texas? Looking for hull or hull and trailer only. Not really looking for anything needing major hull or transom repairs. Must have a clean transferable title. might pony up more for a simple skiff hull...
  2. 14’ Johnsen Skiff For Sale

    14’ Johnsen Skiff For Sale

    “SOLD” ....
  3. 15ft Microskiff with Suzuki 20hp

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Selling my daily fishing boat to pay for my last few college classes, Everything works on the boat.. exterior paint is original and never found the need to paint it. I redid the inside about a year ago. Engine has about 200 hours on it and runs flawlessly with a brand new prop and can get 26mph...