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  1. Cast & Blast
    Got drawn this year. Didn’t get the area I was hoping for. I have heard all the deer are in WSEG and Gomez Grant line…I got pulled for pine flat woods. Does anyone have experience hunting out here? Should I return my permit and save my points for next year? At the very least I know I can sling a...
  2. General Discussion
    Left the fly rods at home and took the aluminum rigs out for a spin… snapped a couple pics on the way
  3. Cast & Blast
    I know this isn't from a boat but it's my sons first deer and we got to watch Lucas work. I've waited 12 years for this day and it finally happened.
  4. Cast & Blast
    A group of four of us are looking to do a cast and blast in Louisiana this year. Do y'all have any guide recommendations? I see plenty of recommendations for fishing guides, but would also love some good duck hunting. Thanks!
  5. Cast & Blast
    Currently have a couple heirloom shotguns I would prefer to avoid abusing these guns duck hunting, and I’m planning on purchasing an 870. I shoot left handed and wanted to know if anyone has had any southpaws have had issues with the factory safety as it sits behind the trigger guard...
  6. Cast & Blast
    I've seen a lot of posts about ways to hide your skiff. Here's how I do it. I've created a blind that covers the entire boat from the waterline to the top of my head. It sits on the boat and straps in place so there's no drilling or boat mods necessary. The blind frame is made of hinged...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Just now joining from Sarasota Florida! I currently have a jon boat but I'm interested in getting a microskiff for my saltwater adventures. I have a YouTube channel and a website where I do product reviews and share my outdoor experiences! Right now I've been putting some serious hours on a Thai...
1-7 of 8 Results