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  1. Recessed Trim Tabs, Why?

    General Discussion
    I was looking through a few skiffs and noticed some w/a recessed tab instead of the tab bolted to the back of the transom. -With the recessed tab, does the boat preform better or not-why? -If you were ordering a skiff, would you request the recessed tab IF the MFG would add that option for you...
  2. Skiff 17’ Hull and Cat 17’ Hull.

    General Discussion
    I stopped by a boat place I saw while heading back from Cape Coral , Fl and took a look at a Skiff mold and a old Cat 17’ he built 17 yrs ago that is just sitting from a customer that don’t finish his last few payments (the dealer did try earnestly to help the guy but). -He said the Cat 17’ was...
  3. Vee Degree (8*) and is it good enough for the Gulf?

    General Discussion
    How well does a 8* vee hull ride (18' Prodigy, aluminum is .157 hull) and cut through the chop to 1'+ maybe, you know, the Gulf situations that come up etc? Is a 8* hull decent (cut enough) for the Gulf (flats and bay running), for those who have more experience in the Gulf than I do I...
  4. Dolphin renegade project hull

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    2001 dolphin renegade I have all of the parts stripped off this boat, hardware, poling platform, trim tabs and rear bench top. Comes with a custom stainless oversized forward casting platform covered in snow camo sea deck. All accessory holes have been glassed in and the top side has been...
  5. Line-X a Hull ?

    General Discussion
    I am looking to build a wooden boat in about 6months and just thinking, has anyone ever tried Line-X for their hulls? I did a search but nothing unless I did that wrong. It reads that it can be applied to wood, fiberglass, plastics etc., and it seals they say. Seems easy enough, maybe even epoxy...
  6. CUDA CRAFT - Classic Hull - Project - $1200 (Pompano Beach)

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Cuda Craft - 16' Classic Flats boat Hull & Trailer - $1200 Awesome project for the right person who can appreciate this rare and classic hull and has the time and ability to restore it. I believe less than 100 Cuda Crafts were ever made, but they have a strong cult following and lasting...