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  1. Snook on Fly

    Fly Fishing
    Hey guys, wanted to pose a question here and see what some of you guys think. I'm fishing the Nature Coast area and our sight fishing for snook is something that doesn't happen a whole lot, but has become easier recently as I'm seeing a lot more of them in sight fishing scenarios. My question is...
  2. Crystal River 12/26-1/2

    Fishing Reports
    I've been slacking posting with all the family time and trips going on lately. But here's some pics and info on what's been going on in Crystal River and the surrounding areas. The few days after Christmas I had some customers that just wanted to go fishing. So we went out in search of whatever...
  3. Took the new spear to homosassa

    Fishing Reports
    had a great time in homosassa this weekend with the wife. It was our second wedding anniversary and she okayed a fishing trip. How blessed am I! The skiff performed better than I hoped and am most pleased with it. The weather was great and so was the fishing!
  4. Fly Fishing/microskiff Forever Home...ideas?

    General Discussion
    Esteemed Gentlemen of the Microskiff Clan, Looking to poll the audience on this one for ideas my wife and I haven't thought of. I will be in the unique position in a year of being able to "live wherever I want" and commute for my job. Requirements/Preferences: - Near fishy water - Microskiff...
  5. Help In the Crystal River Area (Ozello, Homosassa, Ozello, Chassahowitzka)

    Florida Gulf Coast
    I'll be up that way Friday and Saturday fishing in the CCA Life Members event. I've only fished that area one time--did ok in some less than perfect weather conditions. I'd appreciate it if any members might offer some insight--DM me if you prefer. Thanks so much.