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  1. Bragging Spot
    My name is Eric Kimes my cell is 919 432 7112. I live in Mount Olive NC. Mount Olive, NC is a small rural community of about 5,000 people in Southern Wayne County. We are about 90 min from RDU and 60 min from Wrightsville Beach, NC. I fish water from NC to So. FL to LA. Fresh, Salt, fly, spin...
  2. General Discussion
    I have a couple small holes on the side of my aluminum Jon boat. What types or brands of sealant do y’all recommend to seal those with?
  3. Bragging Spot
    I’m in the beginning stages of building Chris Morejohn’s Conchfish. I’ll be extending the skiff to 17’8”, and widening the upper chines (spray rails), but only by about 0.5” on each side. I’m also planning on having a straight transom with heavily rounded corners, more along the lines of the...