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  1. Help With Hog Island Motor Pairing

    General Discussion
    I bought a brand new hog island skiff last year, but was only now able to get it out on the water. Having issues with not being able to get on plane and motor feels underpowered... Getting to about 15MPH in the Hog with a Yamaha 40/30 Jet, installed properly so that it rides high like I was...
  2. Hog Island SW16 vs Oysters

    Boat Yard Basics
  3. Tohatsu 50/35 Jet - Removed from Hog Island Skiff

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    2016 Tohatsu 50/35 with approximately 50 hours. It came off of a Hog Island Skiff. Buy this basically new motor and hang it on a hog island. Extra foot, grates and sleeve comes with it. Absolutely nothing wrong with this great motor. I just re-powered. $6350 firm. Located in Smyrna, GA. Willing...
  4. Hull Material Toughness Question: Saltmarsh Heron vs Hog Island Skiff

    General Discussion
    I am looking at buying either a Saltmarsh Heron, or a Hog Island Skiff. The Saltmarsh is advertised as a Kevlar Vinyl Ester Resin layup. And the Hog Island is a Rotomolded Polyethelene I believe. How do these two compare to each other in terms of toughness and durability? Am I splitting...
  5. Added some mods for the Hog Island!

    Bragging Spot
    I added some mods to the Hog Island this past fall. We added the minn Kota with the remote, the Newport smart battery box, bow led nav light strips which I plug into the Newport with a cig lighter plug. (I'm using a battery operated clamp-on stern light for now) I attached the noco gen 1 mini...