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  1. Ordered new Heron 16

    Bragging Spot
    Ordered my new Heron 16 on June 26 after the demo day in Ruskin. Thanks to Jon sharing his knowledge of the skiffs and georgiadrifter for taking me out on his new Heron 16. Not new to the Ankona/Saltmarsh family. Presently have a Shadowcast 16. As I've experienced in the past, speaking with Erin...
  2. Ordered My Saltmarsh Heron 16...

    Bragging Spot After exchanging a few emails with Rose....I called today. We had a nice conversation and she explained the process. I didn’t have to choose options at this time....the obligatory $300 deposit was made. She said to expect a 12-month wait for the Heron. She said she would mail me a...
  3. WTB: Ankona Copperhead

    Microskiffs For Sale
    In the market for a Copperhead with center console. Cash buyer, located in Florida but willing to travel for the right boat. Any leads are appreciated!
  4. Saltmarsh 1656 or similar

    General Discussion
    If there is anyone between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA with a SM 1656 or a Heron, I would love to go fishing with you for a day. I'll cover beer and gas. With that being said, if anyone has a SM1656 setup for bass fishing along with flats fishing, post up some pics! For anyone with an...
  5. WTB Beavertail 18' (Vengeance,BT3, maybe strike) or other 18ish skiff

    Microskiffs For Sale
    I'm looking for a skiff that can handle a little chop but still get rather skinny. Hoping to fly fish 80% of the time with 2 people and 20% of the time cruise to the sandbar with 4 people. I think I'd need at least 18 feet. Open to look at any of the following: Beavertail BT3 Beavertail...
  6. Mitzi vs. Saltmarsh

    General Discussion
    I am looking at the Mitzi 17 tournament and the yet to be offered Saltmarsh Heron 18'. I want to fish 3 people occasionally, usually 1 or 2. I fish Texas so sometimes have really skinny water. The biggest difference I can see is the Heron does not have a tunnel but the Mitzi does. I will be...