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  1. Help me pick my next boat

    General Discussion
    Hey All! Someone from another forum recommended I ask here for some help picking out my next boat. A little background, cousin and i picked up our first boat, a ranger 350V last year, despite the amount of TLC it needs i'm hooked. I'm lucky enough to live next to a private lake that's catch...
  2. fly fishing in san antonio

    Fly Fishing
    howdy yall, im new to the san antonio fly scene since im up here for college. with that being said i have been in search for fish willing to take a fly preferrably fish like carp or stripers or even largemouth.. i have tried breckenridge park and only seen talapia and largemouth that refuse to...
  3. Broke trolling motor

    Forum FAQ and General Info
    I have a minn Kota 80 lb hand-control. I put it in reverse and now it will not come out. Even when in the forward gear it is spinning backwards. Any help?
  4. Trolling motor question

    Forum FAQ and General Info
    i have a minn Kota riptide 80 lb thrust bow mount. I was out fishing one day and put it into reverse and now it will not come out of it. When you put it in forward it goes in reverse. It will not go forward. Minn Kota told me the battery wires were switched but I have not touched them. Anyone...
  5. Don't know what to do

    Introduce Yourself
    So I bought the first boat...12 ft by 36 wide paid 50 bucks...fishes well but small...then I got a 1985 Glasstream 1440 14 ft by 6 ft wide. Only paid 150 bucks for the boat and Im wondering if I should convert the small boat to a skiff...or remake the bass boat into a flats...
  6. Mosquito lagoon

    General Fishing
    Hey guys, im fairly new to this site and see that you all seem to be very friendly and helpful to others and i was just trying to figure out what the hell im doing wrong when i fish this area!!! Im not used to getting skunked during a fishing trip :mad: just looking for any advice or general...
  7. Carolina skiff j12 build with photos

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all been waiting to post photos of my Carolina skiff j12 build I started with a bare hull added a mercury 15 4 stroke and a grab bar from there I installed lights a push pole and a bilge pump I took it out for the first couple runs down by goodland Florida and could hit 28 mph with two people...
  8. speakers not working right

    Power it up with Electronics
    Just installed JL M series in my hells bay guide with a rockville m10 1200W phenom amplifier. my dad and i did the installation ourselves. Yesterday i played the speakers for the first time and they are not sounding right. you can barely hear the vocals/highs/mids, but the lows/bass is all...