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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 86’ Mercury 20hp tiller. Was having a week pee stream so decided it probably needed an impeller. Went ahead and changed the whole water pump. The motor still doesn’t pee super strong and the water is hot. Just after idling for a few minuets I was getting 220 degree temperatures with...
  2. Boat Yard Basics
    I have a 12 ft fiberglass skiff. I was just wondering what would be some cool customization options.
  3. Forum FAQ and General Info
    I have a old 87 Mercury 20hp tiller. Runs like a champ but recently the stator went out. Replaced and it ran fine for a bout 3 weeks. Had a problem this weekend where it lost spark mid ride and will start about 20 minutes later after sitting. Anybody know what could cause the motor to do this?
  4. Florida Gulf Coast
    Okay so I’m in need of opinions on the Salt Marsh 1656 or the Heron 16. Let me explain my situation. I’m 19 heading to FSU for college in the upcoming fall I have 20ksaved. (No it’s not daddy’s money. It’s three summers of working, skipping extra activities and parties so I could save money) I...