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gelcoat scratches

  1. Hull Scratches and Oyster Rash Repair?

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hello, so I was recently going back into some marsh with my skiff and hit a small oyster reef. It scratched the gel coat off to the point where the start of the fiberglass is visible. I understand that this is common and/or part of going shallow. However, the suggestion of what to do next is...
  2. Gelcoat Gouge Repair Help

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hi everybody, I’m looking for advice on doing my first gelcoat Repair. I’m hoping to hear some tips to make this a little easier and less daunting and also some pitfalls that I should avoid. This weekend I had a bunk support give out as I was driving the boat onto the trailer. The bunk...
  3. Taking Care of Oyster Skuffs/Scratches on Bottom of Hull

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hi guys, Seeing what folks do with the bottom of the skiff hull as far as treating oyster scratches/skuffs. I bought my skiff used from a guide, so I obviously have quite a few of them, in fact, it almost looks like the bottom of the hull was textured that way. My plan is this: - Do minor...