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gel coat repair

  1. Repainting Molded Non Skid

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hi All, I have a 22 year old Action Craft with a deck that has gelcoat worn down to the fiberglass in some areas. The gelcoat at this stage in it's life picks up stains like crazy as well. I would like to repaint the deck with a 2 part paint but am wondering how best to make the deck non-skid...
  2. Gelcoat Gouge Repair Help

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hi everybody, I’m looking for advice on doing my first gelcoat Repair. I’m hoping to hear some tips to make this a little easier and less daunting and also some pitfalls that I should avoid. This weekend I had a bunk support give out as I was driving the boat onto the trailer. The bunk...
  3. Stripping Paint off Gelcoat.....without damage.

    Boat Yard Basics
    Does anyone know the best paint stripper to remove a coat of Awlgrip that didn't kick/harden properly? I bought some of the Dad's Easy Spray stripper, it works awesome, only problem is I tested it on a small spot and it popped the gelcoat off. No big deal because the spot I tested was small...
  4. Gel coat color match help****

    Boat Yard Basics
    Have a 2007 BT Osprey, but don't know where to go to get a color matching code for the yellow paint job it has for a small gel coat chip at the bottom edge of the sponson. Its only about 1/4"-3/8" big, but wanted to seal it up. Due that its not white like my deck, which I have repaired with some...