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  1. General Discussion
    I repurposed a 7.5 quart engel drybox to house two 30ah (battery life at ~30 hours) lithium phosphate batteries, attached a 6” seasucker, and then mounted my gps on top with a balzout mount. I also attached a SAE charging port and master switch. Works great, has a small footprint that I can set...
  2. General Discussion
    I looked at thier website and didn't see any mention of pre-trip planning capability. Can you review your FMT maps on your home computer and plot waypoints or points of interests on your card? I would rather figure out what Im going to do the next day from my sofa the night before, rather than...
  3. Power it up with Electronics
    Want information on Florida marine tracks What gps units can it be used on? What is the real world experience? I live in SC but travel to the keys and want something to get us thru Florida bay and the glades. When are the going to expand the data base to SC? Thanks for info in advance
  4. General Discussion
    Anyone know if they are working on mapping for Texas coast? I see they released mapping for Louisiana marsh but no Texas yet. Seems they would have gone to Texas first due to bigger population and more potential customers but that’s just my uneducated arm chair quarterbacking.
  5. Power it up with Electronics
    Interesting new unit released by Simrad. Seems like this might be the unit I have been waiting for. A 9 inch screen, with knobs, basic sonar, water depth, and temp for 600 bones. I tried an online chat with the Simrad folks re: the processor as it compares to other Simrad units, but he didnt...
  6. Power it up with Electronics
    I am a newb boater one could say, and the so.fl waters are totally new to me. I plan to fish biscayne, the park (both sides) and the upper keys mostly. I just got done on a refurb mav mirage '95 project and would like to get the FMT to give me some security when running these unfamiliar waters...
  7. Power it up with Electronics
    I am set on adding FMT to my skiff, but don't want to drop the scratch on a 12" screen. Is anyone running it on a 9" plotter and if so which one and how are you liking it for FMT? Thanks in advance guys
1-7 of 7 Results