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    2007 beavertail B2 with a 2007 E-etc 60hp 2 Stroke oil injection outboard. This is the model that beaver tail splashed off of the Hells Bay Waterman. She’s 18ft long and comes with a jack plate, trolling motor (remote crapped out recently), live well, trim tabs, casting platform, Moonlighter...
  2. Fly Fishing
    I know we just had something similar to this but not specifically boat spikes. Has anyone made your own and if so do you have pics? I have an idea of something but would like see what others have done. Also what materials and how did you fasten them to the deck?
  3. Fly Fishing
    Planning on a trip down to get in on some tarpon action within the next month. A buddy and I made it down for a few days last year and threw shot after shot at Oceanside tarpon. I know there are a difficult target but we had no luck on eats (throwing an array of proven tarpon flies). Leaders...
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    G.Loomis NRX SALTWATER 7 weight 4 Piece =
  5. Casting Lessons from Backwater

    Casting Lessons from Backwater

    User Backwater drove all the way from Tampa to New Port Richey to provide fly casting lessons to my father. He's truly one of the most talented fly fisherman I've ever seen. What we learned during the course of the morning would've taken weeks, if not months.