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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all. Introducing myself on the site and a bit of my story. Being a south Florida native, I’ve spent my life on the water. I began fishing Flamingo with my father as a child in 1980. Sight fishing for redfish and snook was our primary method of fishing. Setting my sights on moving to the...
  2. General Fishing
    Hello, A friend and I are doing a last minute business trip to the Keys and we are curious of what to fish for while we are there. We have planned a day to be able to fish. We both are familiar with Tampa Bay fishing for reds and snook mostly on artys and fly, however we do not have a clue...
  3. General Fishing
    Good morning Long story short I have a credit from a broken rod with St Croix and I'd like to use it to purchase a new travel Spinning rod that I can bring with me on a plane to the Keys for a week at the end of February to fish from shore for Snapper and anything else I might...
1-3 of 3 Results