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  1. Misc for Sale
    All in good shape, just don't fit me very well. Shirts are size Medium $30 each, free shipping
    $30 USD
  2. Fishing Reports
    Hello everyone, my name is Hunter Smith and I am a charter captain in Fernandina Beach, Florida. As many of you know, this past week was our first round of the infamous flood tides we've had so far this year. Due to the strong west winds every single day this week, the tide did not quite reach...
  3. Fishing Reports
    So I have recently acquired my captains license and began to book my first few charters. Living in the heart of the infamous flood tide zone, it seems almost impossible to book fly fishing charters for anything other than flood tides.. Which only occur about 6 months out of the year. So I wanted...
  4. Fly Fishing
    Tying some more flood tide flies been debating on a single 60-80 lb test leader as a weed guard or make it double like some of the other flies I have. Seen both and used both, but haven't really compared them in the grass. Which have you used and prefer and why for the grass?
1-4 of 4 Results