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  1. General Discussion
    Looking to purchase a new push pole. Been looking into 18’ fiberglass Moonlighter and 18’ fiberglass Stiffy poles. I’m fishing down in Southeast Louisiana, and looking for a one piece only. I know it’s a hassle for shipping so if anyone knows any pole dealers that are within about 5-6hrs I’d...
  2. Microskiffs For Sale
    Searching for a more budget end polling skiff with a console 16-18feet. Primarily looking at/for a Skull Island 16 or a Cayo 173.
  3. General Fishing
    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum but I am currently the owner of a 16ft towee fully rigged for flats fishing. Last year this boat was used extensively near the Fort Myers Beach area and worked flawlessly. This year, however, I'm planning a trip to the Keys for tarpon and do not know much about...
1-4 of 4 Results