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  1. Florida Gulf Coast
    Heading out for 3 nights at the chickees this friday and just looking for some advice on where to find some tarpon , redfish , or snook. I have a 16' flats skiff with a big gas tank. Or if anybody can recommend a good motivated guide. 'thanks
  2. Fishing Reports
    I was in my old home town of Virginia Beach last week for a little mini family reunion with two of our kids and one of our granddaughters. My sons and I were able to fish on Tuesday, running over 80 miles from Lynnhaven Inlet to fish the Washington Canyon for marlin. We had one white on but...
  3. Florida Gulf Coast
    Heading to Hells bay in about 10 days. Any reports from WAY back? Or any reports from the eastern side of Whitewater?
  4. Fishing Reports
    Weatherman said it was gonna be beautiful and this time he/she got it right! Windy start to the day, but the winds laid down around 10:00 a.m. or so and I was blessed with a big sky all day. I fished the flats and bights to the East and South of Flamingo, so the tides were not a major concern...
  5. Florida East Coast
    I once saw a florida sportsman video of two guys fishing the snake bight out of flamingo and they had gotten into numerous schools of tailing reds. It looked almost to good to be true. They had to troll a long way in because of the nmz. They made it seem like that kept a lot of would be...
  6. Fly Fishing
    Hello everyone, A friend and I are planning a last second trip down to Flamingo this weekend. We both rarely ever get the chance to fish together since he lives up north, so he's making the long drive south in hopes of catching a few fish and having a good time in the glades. Just wanted to...
  7. Fishing Reports
    Launched out front at Flamingo at first light. High tide was at 7:37 a.m. so we would have falling water all morning. It was slick calm with mostly clear skies and no wind. We fished one of the keys near Flamingo, using mostly live shrimp on jig heads, though I did toss a twitch bait some and...
  8. Fishing Reports
    Back to Flamingo and the ENP on Sunday. Launched just before first light and ran north to the East Cape area. Slick calm, forecast was for N/NW winds at 6-8. Skies were overcast but mostly sunny. Incoming tide had us starting in several of the creeks up in that area (high was at 8:33 a.m. at...
1-8 of 8 Results