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  1. Meetup Space Coast/Mosquito Lagoon

    Florida East Coast
    Anyone down to kick it soon on a sandbar, open on dates and places just wanted to gauge interest levels. Only reservation I have is to be COVID Free! Papa
  2. Hull Color: Does it affect fishing/Flats Fishing?

    Florida Gulf Coast
    As the subject reads: Does it? I was hearing of one guide that uses the sky blue for a hull color on the flats so it, well, looks like the sky when the fish look up. Then again, most hull's look dark when underwater looking up but maybe that is only in deeper water. Thanks, JB
  3. Sanding/revamping cork on rod?

    Fly Fishing
    I have an H3 8wt that was one of the first 10 produced that I got as a 16th birthday present but after 3 years of being my go to stick, the cork has typical discoloration and I was wondering if it would be possible to sand the cork back to new/like new condition. I already have sandpaper from...
  4. New Here- Selling Rover looking into other microskiffs

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I’m relatively new here. Posted a while ago and haven’t logged back in since. I wanted to see if anyone out there is familiar with the Conch Paddle Skiff? I currently own a Bote Rover and I’ll be selling this week. I’m looking for a micro that compliments my bay boat and these popped...
  5. Fish and ducks at work.

    Photo Hut
    Had to go to a different site for a few days, kind of slow so I thought I would take some pics of the birds and fish. These were taken with my old beat up p&s.