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  1. 2017 Eastcape EvoX not mine

    Microskiffs For Sale Port orange FL Matt 407 two two two 4408 45K
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    Microskiffs For Sale
  4. Sadness East Cape VHP sold, EvoX build coming

    Bragging Spot
    Well, you know the old saying... 'the happiness day of your life and the saddest day of you life... The day you buy a boat and the day you sell one' Congratulations to Capt Travis, he rolled away my VHP yesterday and got himself a great boat that will suit him and his beautiful family very...
  5. 2017 East Cape EVO x - New Build

    Bragging Spot
    I got the call from Adam today! I'm next in line WOOHOO! Details so far: 2017 East Cape EVO x Shallow Edition Suzuki 60 (black) Two tone color (Awlgrip Seafoam Green hull, Cream Deck/liner/cockpit, Seafoam Green colors.) Ramlin Standard trailer w/removabe tongue, walkboard...