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    Was used once for testing, and not allowed to ship back after use. So pretty much new, still in the box, 4-blade stainless prop for Evinrude/Johnson. It is a 13x21 and part number is 0763968. I had it on a 2016 E-tec 60hp. Sells brand new for just under $400, selling this one for $250 plus...
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    Looking for opinions on a fair price for this used Evinrude. 2010 E-TEC 60hp 120 hours Stiffy ShawWing Cavitation Plate Low water pickup Controls
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    I am getting ready to purchase an Akona Native SUV. When it comes to powering it, I found these options. A 2017 Tohatsu 40 HP 4 stroke remote. I believe it comes in around 270 ibs. and I am not very familiar with this motor. The prices is somewhere around $5960. I also found a new 2014 E-tec 40...