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  1. Yamaha 70 V Suzuki 90

    General Discussion
    I just commissioned a new skiff - 17 Maverick and I am finalizing a motor decision which I have a few weeks to do. My old skiff ran great with a 70 Yami 2S but topped out around 35 and ran all day in the upper 20's. It was a great power to get where I wanted to go, shallow and sipped gas. I...
  2. SOLD/EXPIRED 2010 Mitzi 16

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    This boat has treated me well here in and around Galveston island. Has crossed open bays and kept me safe on the water. The boat has been meticulously maintained and has treated me the same. I love this boat and it hurts to say goodbye, but I would like to move into a house. She has small...
  3. Thinking of adding sponsons

    Boat Yard Basics
    I recently purchased a 15' Johnsen type skiff that I am starting to rebuild. I want it to float as shallow as possible, but I do not want to power the boat with only a 10 or 15 HP. The build itself is going to add more weight than I would like, so I was thinking about adding sponsons. Has anyone...
  4. Draft of East Cape Fury?

    General Discussion
    Hey folks, I'm in the market for either a used Fury or HB Pro 17.8 (leaning toward the latter right now). I've fished from a pro several times, so I know the draft is a true 4.5" as advertised. East Cape states the draft is anywhere from 5-9" - obviously that's all dependent on loadout...