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dolphin renegade pro

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  1. General Discussion
    Unfortunately blew the power head on the Yamaha 70 2 stroke. Re-powered with the F70. I was just curious if anyone has a renegade with an F70 and what mounting hole you went with. Would love to get some input before I move it. I currently have it all the way down, even with the raised transom...
  2. Boat Yard Basics
    Anyone have any advise for removing the fuel tank from a Dolphin Renegade Pro? Mine developed a leak today and I am looking to get it repair ASAP. It appears that it could slide aft and be removed through the foredeck bulkhead, but Im assuming that is wishful thinking. Any help is very much...
  3. Microskiffs For Sale
    The undeniable skinny water master. After years of fishing with friends and guides, this was my made to order never sell boat. With a 500lb kevlar hull weight, a sharp entry leading to a 4 inch dead rise and a 5 inch draft, this boat goes where others quake, turns on a dime and poles with the...
  4. Microskiffs For Sale
    Seen what's already listed on here, and some great skiffs at that, but really looking for a less modified/more original-condition skiff and trying to encourage some additional owners to PM me or text at (28one)85zero-8two47 with their possible skiffs for sale. Thanks for considering, and no...
1-4 of 4 Results