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  1. Outboard Maintenance
    Hey all. We have been having problems with the electric trim on the zuke DF30A on our Cayo 173. First the remote trim switch started acting up, but the one on the tiller still worked fine, then the one on the tiller started acting up. Now we have been put in a couple situations where the...
  2. Prop Shop
    I recently re-powered a 1998 Mitzi 15 with a 2020 Suzuki DF30a. The stock prop is a 3 blade 10.25" x 12p. My hole-shot is pretty lousy with this prop. The second person has to sit on the bow until I get on a plane. Cruising and wide-open performance seems fine. The DF30a RPM range is spec'd at...
1-2 of 2 Results