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  1. Outboard Maintenance
    i have a 2006 Gordon Waterman with a 2015 Yamaha F70. I recently had the helm pump replaced with a SeaStar HH5272-3, which has a 2.4 cubic inch volume. This helm pump has overwhelmed my aged Ultraflex steering cylinder, Uc128/OBF, which needed to be replaced and now REALLY needs to be replaced...
  2. Outboard Maintenance
    I have a 50 hp 2003 Yamaha 2 stroke on my Dolphin renegade that was recently re bored and new pistons put on. Motor ran great through break in without issue until it bogged down (wouldn't go above 3500rpm) and i took it back to the mechanic. He gave it back to me two weeks ago "tuned up" and i...
1-2 of 2 Results