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custom platform

  1. Misc for Sale
    Tarpon Cage casting platform with removable cage. Has one dent and road rash. Priced to sell need gone.
  2. The Commercial Zone
    -Basic casting platforms starting at $400 with powder-coat and SeaDek (add $80 for anodized finishes, brushed or polished. Also note SeaDek is not custom. Custom SeaDek can be included for additional costs.) -Add sissy bar for $250 -Tarpon Cages $400+ for removable and $1000+ for cage and...
  3. Bragging Spot
    Been needing a casting platform for my Low Tide, living in the sticks in NW FL there are limited options with regards to good aluminium fab shops, and I'm not buying anything from a shop I've never been to Sight-un-seen. I luckily have a good friend Joe, a couple blocks away that has a nice...