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  1. Boat Yard Basics
    Hi folks, Somewhere on this site, I saw pics of someone's 17T with a black (?) cover on it that covered everything but the poling platform. It looked great. What are our options for covering a 17T? I'm ears open to ANY idea, especially cost-effective (low-cost) options. Thanks.
  2. Misc for Sale
    NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Non-lined. Basic pick-up truck cover. I think I had this one for a 2010 GMC 1504X4, but I imagine it would work for any full size (1500) pick up. Good for those who fish the Everglades National Park at Flamingo marina to keep the buzzards from eating all the rubber and...
  3. Misc for Sale
    Like new. Cover Rite bond tech pick-up truck cover. 100% polypropylene. Fits full-sized trucks up to 238". Non-abrasive inside, heavy-duty, single fabric. Protects from dirt and dust, direct sunlight, tree sap, buzzards (for those of you who fish Flamingo, you'll know what I mean!), and...
1-3 of 3 Results