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  1. No drill options cooler and batteries

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hi All, Anyone have options for holding batteries and coolers in place on the deck without drilling into it? I was hoping some sort of brackets that can be placed around the item and securing with an adhesive of sorts.
  2. Frigid Rigid Ice Chest

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Frigid Rigid Ice Chest - 65 Qt. Dimension 15"x 18"x 30" LIKE NEW !!! Location S. Miami $535....
  3. Cooler locking tie down options?

    General Discussion
    Anyone have examples/diy ideas of how to lock a cooler down so it doesn't get stolen while running into a gas station for 5 min? Limited car space and sick of pulling it in/out. I cant afford the Deny locking tie downs, but I love the idea. Haven't purchased the new cooler yet, I like...
  4. Limited Edition High Country Yeti Cooler was

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Brand New Yeti 45qt High Country Edition Cooler. Comes with Yeti shirt and hat. Still has tags on it! Asking $450
  5. Live-well Transition to Fish Box/Cooler?

    Boat Yard Basics
    Just thinking out loud and looking at the SNockers live-well. I was thinking about lining the live-well w/Styrofoam (pictured below) to make it a fish box/cooler. Thinking I can kill two birds w/one stone basically by not having to carry a cooler. The box has an inlet open to the water (can be...
  6. TRADE 45 Tan Yeti for 45 White Yeti

    General Discussion
    Just as the title says. I have a 2 year old tan 45 qt in great shape that I'd like to swap to a white 45 qt. I figured I could trade someone who's on the same page as me and has one in good condition instead of buying another. Ideally someone in Jacksonville that I could meet one day would be...