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  1. Chittum Islamorada 18

    Chittum Islamorada 18

    True 100% Carbon Fiber Skiff. Astonishing ride and poling Snake Bight 18 with Yamaha 70
  2. Chittum Race Skiff Redux

    Bragging Spot
    Most grateful.... The day after the 2018 Skiff Challenge in April, Chittum showed their full carbon Snake Bight 18 (12 degree) boat for damage, stress cracks, etc. They continued to use the boat as a demo, then offered her in August. I bought her. Originally my plan was to take...
  3. SOLD - 2017 Chittum Laguna Madre

    Microskiffs For Sale
    This past week I listed my 2017 Laguna Madre on Chittum's Instagram page. I want to share this opportunity and the thinking behind it with the MicroSkiff community. Chittum Laguna Madre 18- located in Port O'Connor, TX - Two tone - Abalone green hull and slicks/ Tortuga green non-skid and...
  4. Chittum Price Increase...

    General Discussion
    Just 5 weeks ago Chittum was HEAVILY marketing their skiff for $49,500 "fully rigged" it's at $53,500..."fully rigged" which does not equal fully outfitted or extra options. Obviously demand drives prices, but I was pretty surprised at how quickly that occurred after every single post...