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casting deck

  1. suggestions for casting deck in Kenner Yes/no

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    I've got an 18V90. It came with the casting deck mounted in the back. It has its usefullness but it makes accessing space under it a pain. So I took it out. Trying to figure out if I could modify it and put it back so that I could swing it open/closed kinda like a huge decklid. It is very...
  2. 1965 Starcraft project

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    So I picked up this boat with a trailer for $300. Spent the spring and half of last summer redoing everything to the best of my ability, which isn’t much, but I at least got it back on the water. I don’t think these boats were designed for someone to stand on the front and cast off of so I...
  3. Carolina Skiff custom casting deck and tiller to center console conversion

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    Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the correct section to ask but, I am interested in adding a raised front deck to my Carolina Skiff. I have attached a picture with dimensions. I have some fiberglass experience using epoxy (west system or system 4). I plan to use 1/2" marine plywood. The...
  4. Casting platform for sale

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    Never been used BT Welding custom marine casting platform. 21" X 18 " X 23". 350$ OBO. Call or text for information. (954) 24-6508.
  5. Building a casting platform for Low Tide Guide

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    Been needing a casting platform for my Low Tide, living in the sticks in NW FL there are limited options with regards to good aluminium fab shops, and I'm not buying anything from a shop I've never been to Sight-un-seen. I luckily have a good friend Joe, a couple blocks away that has a nice...
  6. Monark 1440 rebuild

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    Hi all, I have a Monark 1440 classic, I got my hands on it a few years ago (when it was white) and have been making small modifications to it ever since. I would like to do an overhaul on it now. I want to take the deck off (starting to get a few soft spots anyway), seal any leaking rivets in...
  7. SOLD/EXPIRED IPB 14'6 for sale (Sanibel Island, Fl) $6200

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    Polling platform Continental trailer 15 hp Honda 4 stroke tiller motor Raised casting deck and rear platform Nav and anchor lights Bilge pump New wiring harness and switch panel 6 gallon gas tank (removable) Run all week on a single tank Gets about 25 mph Runs super skinny and she can get into...