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  1. Microskiffs For Sale
    This is my boat, great set up for cast and blast. Link takes you to the Craigslist posting. 2015 Gheenoe LT 25 Thanks for looking.
  2. General Discussion
    -Anyone know anything about this company? -What are your thoughts on this boat? Thanks, Cast & Blast 17 CC | castandblastboats
  3. Cast & Blast
    Hi All, Thinking of hunting out of my Action Craft this winter and entertaining different options of concealing it. I know typically people will park the boat away from where they are hunting but for where I want to hunt in Virginia, hunting out of a boat is a necessity The boat has a white...
  4. General Discussion
    As my first skiff, I want a cast and blast machine for the creeks in St. Augustine, FL at home, and in local waters in central VA that have a hp requirement of 9.9. I want to be able to get skinny in the creeks and flats for fly fishing, and be able to run around and duck hunt out of it. Can I...
1-4 of 4 Results