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  1. Beach Sites in the Everglades

    Florida Gulf Coast
    I have been camping in the Everglades for a few years now but I have never visited any of the beach sites. I am camping out of a skiff and was wondering which beach sites are the easiest to access by boat?
  2. Anyone sleeping/camping on their microskiff?

    General Discussion
    A lot of overnight camping/fishing trips require camping permits and lots of extra gear. I have always toyed with idea of just anchoring up in the backwater, throwing up a tarp, and sleeping on the boat. Obviously not the most comfortable but in theory it has its advantages. Has anyone had any...
  3. Fishing and Camping in the Everglades Video

    Fishing Reports
    This trip took place in Feb. 2017 and covers fishing and feasting while camping in the Everglades. This is the best snook fishing I have enjoyed in years.