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  1. New ISO skiff

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. New to the forum here and I’m looking for a skiff. I first started looking at the Eastcape Gladesmen but they’re hard to find and over my range. Recently, I looked at the Gheenoe LT25 and the Skimmer Skiff 14’6. I live in Miami. I’d like to fish inshore, coastal, mangroves, etc...
  2. ISO first skiff to buy! What do you have!

    General Discussion
    Hey! looking to purchase, or trade into a first skiff for chasing tarpon on the flats. I want a used boat, nothing fancy — I prefer a bit of a beat up boat for this first run. ideal requirements I’m looking for: - 20-50hp motor - poling platform - trolling motor (ideal, not necessary) -...